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Why you should join our Toowoomba virtual office

Sitting at your desk in your PJs hoping your client can’t tell you haven’t brushed your teeth yet? It’s time to get professional. At Strobe Studios, the freshest Toowoomba  virtual office and co-working hub, you can have all the benefits of working for yourself and the benefits of working in an office.

Low Toowoomba virtual office overheads

One of the tricky things about working for yourself or freelancing is the cost with setting up a decent office space. With our virtual office membership, you can have a beautiful workspace at an astoundingly low cost. Say goodbye to working out what percentage of your rent you can claim on your tax.

No more worrying about being caught in your pyjamas

It’s easy to lose track of the hours when you’re in the zone. With a Toowoomba virtual office membership, you can keep a proper workday schedule, meet clients in a clean professional environment, and take advantage of our video and teleconferencing facilities.

Virtual office = professional mailing address

Nothing says you’re killing it like a slick business card with a professional office address. With our Toowoomba virtual office and fixed desk memberships, you can also put up your business signage so clients know exactly where to find you.

Stop avoiding the waitress’s eye

There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to finish a project than getting kicked out of the café for hogging a table. Our Toowoomba virtual office and co-working space not only has hot desks, meeting rooms and training space, we offer free coffee for our members and guests!

Collaborate (or don’t) with other creatives

Our Toowoomba virtual office members are fellow creatives and professional service providers. Just the people to bounce your ideas off when you need a sounding board. But they’re also cool if you just want to do your own thing. There’s no office politics, just ace people. Like you.

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